A practical solution to maximise water retention
and mitigate surface water run-off for
farmers who use tramlines.


The Wheel Track Roller

Soil and Water Management in Agriculture


Soil is being eroded from the land by rainfall, often ending up as sediment in rivers to the detriment of their flow, increasing the threat of flooding (sediment being the primary contributor to the increase in occurrences of flooding from our waterways), increasing the likelihood of fertilisers and other potential pollutants being carried to other landowners and ultimately also into the water course.


All arable soils throughout the world experience varying degrees of water related problems, in particular with regard to maximising water retention (to the benefit of crop output and reducing the need for further watering) and hence minimising water run-off, reducing the adverse consequences of this on the environment.

Solutions are available in the market for soil run-off issues on soft, un-compacted soils.

No solution is currently known to be available for medium / hard compacted soil.

DEFRA funded R&D shows that tramline (*) wheelings, compacting the soil, can account for 80% of run-off.

A solution is required that can indent the compacted soil and hence provide a reservoir to retain the water to prevent run-off.
A solution is required that can self-clean in order to facilitate continuous operation, even in demanding soil conditions.
A solution is required which furthermore directs the water retained into the soil which is going to support the crop, in order that the water can both soak away and also be of benefit to the crop in particular.

*Tramlines are of vital importance in the modern farming environment and are parallel lines in crops that allow farmers to drive through their fields to fertilise and spray accurately without causing damage to surrounding plants -


The Wheel Track Roller

Aquagronomy believe they have developed such a solution in their Wheel Track Roller.

The Wheel Track Roller reduces water run-off in crop tramlines by holding water in mini reservoirs.

Infiltration takes place down drainage channels directed under the adjoining crop.

The centre of the tramline remains compacted to maintain trafficability.


Water is directed under the roots of the adjoining crop for potential uptake.

No disturbance of buried stones when stone and clod windrowing is practised.

No hindrance to future tramline traffic.

Self-cleaning moulded plastic Rollers enable the creation of evenly spaced indents / reservoirs.

Reduction in pollution potential / liabilities.

Reduction in soil erosion.



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